topics worth the tussle #13: church

I’ve been writing about topics worth diving into with our college students, even though they require a little effort (on the teacher’s part and the learners’ part). (See the entire “Topics Worth the Tussle” series here.) And no series like that would be complete without a look at what our parents called “churchmanship.”

It’s simple: If yours is one of the many college ministries that promotes church-going and church-involvement to your students, then the ministry has to present the biblical case for why and how.

(Otherwise, it’s legalism, right? Aren’t we missing something when we just treat things – like church – as “moral obligations” without biblical foundations?)

This call to wrestle through “churchmanship” goes for campus-based college ministries, both parachurch and denominational, and for institutional college ministries. (Regardless of what you’ve heard, nearly all of these groups definitely claim the priority of church.)

This goes for church-based college ministries and collegiate churches, even though they’re already “doing” church by darkening the doors of your ministry. It has to be taught, not simply appreciated.

So what is your well-thought, well-argued, biblical approach to churchmanship? Why should students go, and what should their involvement consist of at this time in their lives?

Does your tussling on this topic match the importance you say it has?


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