topics worth the tussle #12: a fridea to match

So here’s a Fridea to match the series “Topics Worth the Tussle”: a crowd-sourced topics list.

Now, it’s not at all rare for ministries to solicit teaching ideas from their students, often by asking something like,

What “hot topics” would you like to hear us teach on?

Ministries and churches do that kind of thing, and they end up with a series that is certainly great for drawing people.

But even though that’s a neat idea, I’m talking about something a little different this week. What if you used that same sort of idea, but your question went a little something like this?:

What’s the last serious spiritual topic you personally dealt with?


What are the top 2 issues you’re dealing with right now?

or even

What’s been worrying you recently about your own life?

The point is, what if you opened your “brainstorming box” up to the issues that your students have actually been facing, the ones that keep them up at night, the ones that they don’t necessarily think they need to hear about… but that they really need to hear about.

Ask the first question, you’ll get some neat “hot topics” that, yes, are important – but aren’t always a true “tussle.” Ask one of the latter questions, and you’ll probably get into some deep water – but since students are already telling you they’re dealing with these things, it’s likely to produce topics worth the tussle.


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