topics worth the tussle #11: differences that don’t divide

“Topics Worth the Tussle” explores teaching topics that might require a little effort – for you to prepare and for your students to work through. But they could also be highly impactful topics for large-group or small-group! [Whole series here]

Another topic worth a little tussling involves helping our students sort through the various Christian identities and issues they’re running into.

For some of your students, even the longtime Christians, college is the first time they’ve run into Christians who are both winsome AND have significant theological differences. But the truth is, this will happen for the rest of their lives (unless they find an enclave… and stay off the internet). So what have you done to help your students…

  • Learn about the differences between denominations, other Christian fellowships, and major theological differences?
  • Sort through what “orthodoxy” means – and why it matters?
  • Thinking about “primary” versus “secondary” and “tertiary” issues?
  • Consider a biblical, loving response to Christian differences?
  • Learn Church History?
  • Weigh when a personal decision not to decide an issue and be okay with that is appropriate? (Because sometimes it very much is, and sometimes it very much isn’t.)
  • Understand why they believe certain things about the faith?
  • Make not only their basic faith their own, but also their particular understandings of their faith… even if it means they need to look at some doctrines and practices objectively?

Not easy. But definitely worth it.

P.S. This will grow community within your ministry and within your campus. Remember, not all your students come from the theological slant even your ministry holds… done rightly, this will help them feel more “at home,” not less.


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