topics worth the tussle #10: please get political

“Topics Worth the Tussle” explores teaching themes that might require a little effort – for you to prepare and for your students to work through. But they could also be highly impactful, whether you roll them out in large-group or small-group settings.

I already posted much of this as a Fridea in the spring, but this is a once-in-a-collegiate-generation opportunity – and it fits this topic perfectly. It’s only every four years that our students are especially primed to think about citizenship and elections in light of Christianity. Have you talked about this issue, one that will be important to your students for the rest of their lives?

While these always make helpful topics, this is the best chance you’ll have to shepherd your students:

  • in what it means to be a citizen
  • to care about social and political issues
  • to wisely discern their own involvement in these things
  • to prioritize God’s ways (and kingdom) over man’s
  • to bridge politics into Gospel conversations
  • to be wise and not simply zealous about issues and politics
  • to not simply conform to peers, professors, and other components of the world around them

Many (if not all) of the students in your campus ministry will be shepherded by somebody this semester – do you really want professors, FoxNews, Ron Paul devotees, parents, the student newspaper, NPR, their roommates, or the student president of the Socialist Club to be the only lens they use? Or will you help them walk first and foremost as a Christian through a very political season, with all the decision-making, disagreements, stance-discernment, and dialogue it will naturally inspire?

And are you teaching them to live this way for the rest of their lives?


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