two searches

It’s September. So as a college minister, you (or leaders under you) should be discipling your students as they walk through two vital searches:

the front-end search: finding a church

Nearly every campus-based college ministry and institutional college ministry (spiritual life programs at a Christian college) will state a belief that students will be involved in a local church. So what role(s) have you played as students make this important decision this month? There are multiple ways to help here:

  • facilitate the search
  • teach theology of churchmanship
  • connect students with church people
  • model churchmanship
  • help with assimilation after students have found a church

Church-based college ministers and collegiate church pastors, you’re not off the hook, either. Part of discipling students is helping them find the church that’s best for them, even if it’s not yours. Have you taught them how to choose a church, even though it’s sorta against your interests to do so?

the back-end search: choosing a job

Even though it’s September, some of your students are already lining up jobs for after they graduate in December or May. What have you done to disciple them through this life-changing decision? It’s not enough simply to tell students that they’re “missionaries in the marketplace,” though that’s an excellent start. Have we trained them not only to serve through their callings, but also to choose their career well?

If you’re not helping students navigate the What and Where of their post-graduation lives, who is? Why wouldn’t this be part of our shepherd-role?


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