form the pitch (a fridea)

Hopefully we all recognize that what we say from the stage forms lots of ideas about our campus ministry.

For instance, it’s important (if we want to draw non-Christians) for us to welcome non-Christians – even if we happen to know that our room probably contains all Christian students tonight. The same goes for welcoming visitors in general; when your regulars hear that guests are warmly welcomed, they’re more likely to invite people.

In the same way, what you say about your ministry – as you introduce it or describe it from the stage – will play a big role in how your own students describe the ministry to others. In other words, you have an amazing chance to help form the “pitch” that I described yesterday. Your students need a handy, pithy description or two they can offer when somebody asks, “What’s that club all about?” And you can give them that, simply by repetition week after week. (It’s also good to be in the habit of describing your college ministry for new people, too.)

So that’s the Fridea: Decide on one or more pithy phrases that best describe your ministry to outsiders. And then use them regularly.

No, you’re not allowed to candy-coat your description; it needs to be honest. But it’s kosher to describe what the ministry wants to be and hopes to be, just say – in your “mission statement” that you’re striving for those qualities.


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