made the news recently?

A local college ministry held its annual Snowball Fight on campus the other day, attracting hundreds of students and… TV cameras! I’m not sure the news story got placed on the air this year, but it has in the past.

A local news story might not draw a bunch of students to this ministry (what college students are watching local TV news?). But I couldn’t help but think, just the same, that this kind of attention is a good sign.

If you were evaluating your ministry’s involvement on campus (or off-campus) solely on how often non-members talk about what you’re doing, how would you fare? Making it into the city newspaper or school newspaper, getting reported on local (or even national!) news outlets, or even just having the university president mention a recent event to his colleagues may not seem that “fruitful.” But that’s not the point.

If we’re doing good things and are serving as good members of the campus community, that kind of stuff will get noticed. If we’re creatively engaging students, taking the opportunity to address current campus or world issues, or engaging in public forums, that kind of stuff will get noticed.

Unless our ministry is purposely striving to fly under the radar, shouldn’t outsiders “see our good deeds,” at the very least (not to mention our fun)?


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