what you do in week 2: a fitting fridea

I’m continuing the “What You Do in Week Two” series, which focuses on some important adjustments we can make early in the semester that will affect our entire year. Read the intro post here; for the whole series, click here.

add to your leadership core

A pretty simple Fridea that could have a major impact on the rest of your semester…

Have you considered adding another ministry team or two? Or delegating some new tasks to a few more students or adult volunteers?

Surely by this point in the year – if you spent some time thinking about it – you could identify some additional areas where you could really use some help. There’s probably an area that’s taking up more time than you expected – but which could easily be delegated to students or other volunteers. Or maybe there’s just a hole that needs filling.

Assuming that’s the case, why not add to your leadership core?

If it’s the right kind of position, perhaps you could even draw from new students (giving them ownership right away). Other students might simply have missed the chance to sign up for leadership last spring. Others might jump at the chance to serve in this particular way; they just didn’t find a fit in the opportunities you presented before now.


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