what you do in week 2: expectations and bud-nipping

I’m continuing the “What You Do in Week Two” series, which focuses on some important adjustments we can make early in the semester that will affect our entire year. Read the intro post here; for the whole series, click here.

set (high) expectations for student leaders

So you’ve just gotten your student leadership underway, but classes, homework, and other clubs’ calendars are a bit more intense now, too. Are your student leaders keeping their commitments and living out the ministry’s vision?

If you don’t hold students to high expectations now, it’s going to be tough – and a little unfair – to do it later. And it will probably get worse, too. Of course, you can’t start adding official expectations you didn’t make clear when the students committed. But you can continue to hold them to what they signed up for, while also inspiring them to want to work hard at this ministry – whether they’re running the sound board or overseeing a large weekly effort on campus.

nip issues in the bud

Related to the above concept, “Week 2” (with the weeks that follow) is when early problems have to be dealt with. They can come from several quarters:

  • Student leaders failing in commitments, morally, or otherwise
  • An issue with your ministry’s reputation on campus
  • Your own lack of preparedness for events or teaching
  • A small-but-nagging issue, like a problem with the sound or a need to update your web page
  • A ministry on campus that appears to be unhealthy
  • Apparent new difficulties / awkwardness with the administration
  • And whatever else!

Obviously, each of these would be dealt with differently. The point is, we don’t often want to let these kinds of things slide until the middle… and then end… of the semester. They’re affecting your ministry right now, and the fruit of fixing them will be most apparent if you address issue early, courageously, and completely.


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