easy advertising multiplication (a fridea)

Do you realize that it’s now semi-cool for students to broadly advertise the places and events they frequent? That includes your college ministry, with all its meetings and events.

It’s the “Check-in” feature on Facebook, and it makes your students willing participants in spreading the word among ALL their FB buddies. (And they’ll tag their friends, add pics, etc..) This is a way for other students to consistently see your ministry’s name and activities posted on their Facebook wall. That’s hard to beat!

So why aren’t you already mentioning this possibility every time you meet, whether for a weekly large group or a special event? (And if you don’t know what all this means… ask a student!)

So on top of that nifty Fridea, some bonus thoughts:

  • Set up the Event on Facebook ahead of time – and be clever with what you name it. An Event named “RUF Large Group – Tuesdays at 8” or “BCM Howdy Party – first Large Group next Monday!” or “RealLife: Dating & Relating 6-week series” all tell us more than “Tailgate Party” or “Chi Alpha.”
  •  There will be plenty of students who don’t feel like doing this, but that doesn’t matter- you’ll have enough “Connector” students who like this sort of thing. And each time they post, you’ll get free advertising with their buddies.
  • When you push it within a Large Group Meeting, don’t forget that students may actually take a moment to do that. So don’t plan something major (or something that needs their 100% attention) immediately after you make the Check-In push.


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