do you know your collegiate ministry neighbors?

One of the most exciting things about the unique explorations I’ve gotten to undertake has been seeing the broad diversity of American collegiate ministry. I’ve gotten to examine – from the ground level, from the national level, and from levels in-between – the differences between these many groups.

While you’ve (hopefully!) gotten to know the other college ministries on your campus, truly knowing them well means knowing something about their national organization (for those that are tied to one).

So that’s what today’s post is: your chance to catch up, as a new school year dawns. (You might even find out a local ministry is a part of a group you didn’t realize!)

The posts linked below are my reflections on several of the largest Evangelical campus ministry outfits. This doesn’t cover everybody; usually the posts arose because of a conference or other event. The most glaring omission is probably the work of the Southern Baptist Convention; that denomination’s campus work is incredibly widespread – but is also extremely tricky to “pin down” in a synopsis. (But don’t worry: I’ll try that feat later this week.) And of course Navigators, RUF, and many others are very, very worth knowing. So if your group isn’t included on this list, please don’t take offense. I’d love to include you in the future if I can encounter more of your chapters, attend a conference or two, and otherwise get to know the wide, wide world of college ministry.

Meanwhile, I urge you to take a look. We should be familiar with our colleagues, and this provides a start.

And as a bonus, here’s a quiz to see if you recognize the ministries on your own campus!


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  1. I’d like to toss one more into the pot!

    Fellowship of Catholic University Students… An organization I was involved with for several years, culminating in an international conference in Spain last year! It has grown from when I first began, now to over 74 campus across the US in 30 states, including UT-Austin, UConn, MIT and Auburn just to name a few!


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