you should plan a conference (a fridea)

The last two days I’ve shared thoughts on making a good college ministers’ learning environment, whether that’s gathered around a conference table (or lunch table) or with an audience of hundreds.

So since this has been on my mind – and since today is Friday – I wanted to throw out a thought that might make sense now… but will surely make sense before the semester’s up.

What if you became the “learning forum” planner?

Seriously, what’s stopping you from sending out a bunch of invitations – maybe just to those on your campus, maybe to college ministers within an hour’s drive? I don’t think it’d be that hard to get a good handful to show up (at least), as long as you’ve got some good learning and idea-sharing for them.

As for the “program,” isn’t there anybody you know who could teach on something college-ministry-related that they’ve clearly mastered, who could facilitate a whiteboard, or who could at least share the trends and challenges they’re seeing in the new school year?

What about even holding a pre-semester huddle, just for a few hours? (Your email could start something like, “I know you’re really busy at this time of year, but this campus ministry blogger I read said we should try…”)

Of course, you could always do it a little bigger – bring in a “major” speaker or two, plan for a full day or more. (And if you want me to drop in, I’d love to, of course!) But the point of today’s post is that you don’t have to have a CONFERENCE to have a conference. Even just a lunch will do, with a purposeful and pointed educational value. (This is far more likely to keep people connected – and, yes, lead to unity – than some other forms of the “college ministers’ hangout!)

So go ahead – read the posts from the last two days here and here, and then ask around. See if you can find some interest. And go from there.

College ministers should be learners. Those who aren’t, aren’t the college ministers they should be. This is one chance to learn and help others learn, too!


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