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Who will you commission to evaluate your ministry this fall?

The other day, I had the chance to sit down with one of our church’s leaders. He oversees a regular, multi-week training class at our church that draws about 300 people each time. After I went through it recently, he asked me to give him any thoughts or suggestions for the future.

It was his reaction that was the most significant thing to me: Not only had he requested candid thoughts in the first place, but he reacted with joy as I pointed out several potential areas for advancement. There were ideas for expansion, sure, but I also gave plenty of “tweaks”… something lesser men would be annoyed by or defensive about. Scott wasn’t.

So that’s connected to this week’s Fridea: Assign someone – whether inside your ministry or outside – to evaluate your ministry. Of course, I’d love to come check out what you’re doing (like I have other places) – in 24 hours, I’ll give you a year’s worth of thoughts!

But if you can’t bring in an expert right now, what about another college minister from your campus? Or what about a few students whose personalities are particularly attuned to analyzation, empathy for visitors, quality control, hospitality, or any of the other characteristics that could come in handy here?

Who will you commission this fall?


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  1. Brooks

    P.S. You are a great evaluator. This is important especially for those that have been in college ministry for a while. I feel last year, I missed some blind spots because of time.

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