an olympic-sized tip for encouraging supporters & other interested parties

Every year, I make sure to point out that the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament would be a great time to remind people that they’re watching your mission field. I even update an essay each time, designed to help people picture just how exciting our campus mission fields really are.

While that happens annually, an even much bigger audience is viewing quite a few American collegians participate in the Olympics. It’s a great chance to point out just how amazing it is to do campus ministry, because we get to impact the likes of these exciting young people.

So that’s the tip: As you talk to supporters, overseers, and others who need to remember just how powerful our reach is, tie it to the Olympics. Point out how the work of college ministry impacts people who will impact the world – through sports, through business, through service, through witness.

Don’t forget that there are even Olympians who compete for other countries but go to school in the U.S…. an excellent opening to point out the power of international student ministry.


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