for the new year: large group meeting ideas

This week, on the hinge between lazy July and oh-so-not-lazy August, I figured I’d offer some reading that applies to the start of the school year! So check back all week for some past ideas that might just be your best new idea.

Today, I offer a whole category for your viewing pleasure! Nestled under the Methods category, you’ll find the “For Large Group Meetings” sub-category. Click through to enjoy a good number of posts dedicated to making your weekly meeting the best it can be!

While you’re there, you’ll find such intriguing posts as “7 Quick Considerations for Your Sing-and-Speak” and “The Myth of College Ministry Best Practices.” You’ll find out that “Your Large Group Meeting Probably Isn’t Like This,” too.

(As you look through the category, keep clicking “Previous Entries” at the bottom to find more.)

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