teach communication and conflict (a fridea)

I recently had the chance to take a class up at church that introduced us to various communication principles (particular for close relationships, like significant others, friends, and roommates).

And as a 32-year-old, I wondered, why haven’t I learned this stuff before?

Sure, I’d picked up some of the principles here-and-there, but I’d never gotten a focused presentation on this. Why do we ministers shy away from providing people with practical, tried-and-true wisdom on topics like this?

So that’s this week’s Fridea, simply enough: Provide an opportunity for your students to learn communication and/or conflict skills. It doesn’t have to be taught exhaustively; the class I attended only took about an hour (including table discussions!).

(Funny enough, after I’d written this yesterday, I got the update from Boundless, actually subject-lined “Conflict and communication in relationships”! So fortunately, you can see that message for more on this!)

Maybe this is weekly meeting fodder, maybe not. An “elective” offered at a separate time might work better for you – and might be a chance to draw from the rest of campus. Or maybe small groups could cover a lot of ground here in just a few weeks (or less).


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