a dose of history

A quick idea to spice up your large group meetings (or your weekly updates to your ministry)…

What if you offered a quick “This Day in Christian History” segment – with a purpose – each week? (It might be easier to go for a “This Week in Christian History,” and just keep track of which ones you’ve already used – although there may be call for duplication, too.)

Between Wikipedia, the excellent stuff at Christianity Today’s ChristianHistory.net, and general Googling, you’re bound to come up with something that can easily connect to an impactful 3-minute message.

A Church Father’s birthday? Share a good quote from the guy that you know your group needs to hear. An important event? You can talk about the theology undergirding it. The day C. I. Scofield passed away? Discuss Dispensationalism and why you do or don’t ascribe to it, Eschatology, Study Bibles, or how to disagree kindly with other Christians!

I think you can do this ultra-purposefully by using events in Christian History to springboard to areas your students will be impacted by. But there can also be other purposes accomplished (besides direct, on-topic teaching), even if it’s a bit tangential.

In the next post: Why this lil’ method might just fit the bill better than you think.


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