cooperation: permissible or helpful?

I’ve been talking about cooperation in college ministry this week, from a couple of different angles so far: its importance since we’re fundamentally doing a missions endeavor, and the connection to being good members of the campus community.

It’s a good moment for reflection.

Do you consider occasional cooperation with other ministries to be…

  • likely quite helpful toward the cause of God’s Kingdom, or
  • simply permissible for those who want to try cooperative attempts?

It’s easy for us college ministers to pat ourselves on the back for simply not being outright competitive. Countless college ministers have mentioned to me the harm of campus ministry competition – and either they point to such competition on their campuses, or (much more often) they celebrate the fact that it’s rare.

But not being competitive (and seeing cooperation as permissible) isn’t the same as genuinely believing that some endeavors could best be accomplished in concert with other college ministries.

What say you? What’s your genuine stance – not what you believe in your head, but how you actually approach your work semester after semester? Do you ever cooperate?

Tomorrow, some reasons why it’s worth it.


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