position papers! (fridea)

Here’s a productive Fridea to tackle this summer – just make sure you do it with excellence, if you’re gonna do it.

Write doctrinal summaries or “position papers” to help disciple students on the main beliefs, main spiritual themes, and common “hot topics” within your ministry.

There’s no way the Large Group Meeting  alone can reinforce your college ministry’s major theological and biblical underpinnings. Nor is it wise to obsess too heavily on delivering student-derived “Hot Topics” messages all the time.

So why not create accessible, well-written articles on various topics? You could make these available on the web or even hand them out. And you should point out their availability on a regular basis (including for visitors), and occasionally add a new one (maybe from the notes for each message series you do?).

I definitely think we overlook the value of additional resources to back up what we teach. There are plenty of students who would like those kinds of easily accessed – and well-thought-out – answers to their common questions. And written articles also allow for a more carefully crafted and/or complex discussion around any given topic.


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