other ways to bring parents into your college ministry

The other day, I posted six ways I’ve seen campus ministries involve parents in the sphere of what they do. Below, you’ll find more ideas, perhaps even more “outside the box” – but possibly perfect for your ministry.

  • Soliciting parents as mentors for students
  • Soliciting non-monetary “donations” (like I described here)
  • Using parents or parents’ connections to find great event speakers, etc.
  • Staying at students’ parents’ homes (or home churches) when on a road trip or retreat
  • Soliciting feedback from parents to evaluate the effectiveness of your college ministry (since they’re likely to have some thoughts after spending a summer with them, for instance)
  • Asking parents to promote your ministry’s value to your campus administration
  • Asking parents for “endorsement” statements you can put on the web or other advertising materials (especially ones other parents might see)
  • Encouraging parents to connect you with high school graduates from their churches who are coming to your school
  • Having “parent liaisons” who help connect with other parents of students in your ministry; organize “care package drives,” funding drives, etc.; help connect with future students and their parents; help represent you to present and potential supporters…
  • Organizing some parents into an Advisory Council for your college ministry
  • Using parents as sponsors / chaperones / mentors on trips and projects
  • Using parents as potential small group leaders


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