the home effectiveness test

I’m house-sitting for my parents out in the country this week, which is why today’s blog is being posted on my phone- my parents don’t have standard Internet out here.

But that got me thinking about an evaluation for our college ministries that we can run right now… or perhaps we can measure in the weeks after our students return from summer vacation.

The question is this: What do the spiritual lives of your at-home-for-the-summer students look like right now?

I’m not asking about your students on a Summer Project or working a camp, nor does this apply to those doing missions or who stayed in-town. Specifically, how are the students whose lives are the closest approximation to how everybody’s lives will be post-graduation?

Are students staying with their spiritual disciplines? Are they plugged in to spiritual community? Are they serving? Are they leading? Are they fighting sin well? Are they impacting others?

Their ongoing walks with Jesus (or lack thereof) are a really strong proof for (or against) the effectiveness of our ministries. While one of the most important evaluations for our campus ministries should always be how our students are doing a year or two beyond graduation, these particular summertime students provide a clear picture of how that’s going to go. If we’re not training for spiritual success in the summertime, then we’re probably not training for spiritual success.

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