chiding the priding

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you… (I Pet. 5:6 ESV)

I was reminded yesterday of just how key it is for us to build this trait – humility – into our students. I know we have lots of other things to teach and do within a college ministry. But somewhere, somehow, we’ve got to be creating humble students.

It’s a good thing that this one – humility – may actually be taught better in the passing moments, rather than from the stage. It’s taught when students get told no to leadership positions, when sin gets pointed out in their lives, when other teaching topics help them uncover error they didn’t know they were taking part in. Pride is fought, too, as they realize the value of people around them, and as they realize that the sin they most hate in others is often the very thing they struggle with. Humility comes when even supposedly noble sentiments – “I don’t care what they think,” for instance, or “I’m ready to lead” – are shown to sometimes be masks for arrogance.

Humility is promoted through plenty of other moments, too. But I hope itis promoted in your college ministry. Because our students are young, and they have lots of pride (on average), and even some things that don’t look like pride are already gripping them.


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