3 questions in a time for updating

One excellent way to use this summer – if it’s a downtime for your ministry, or even if you can find little snatches of downtime – is by updating your ministry to match your audience.

If we aren’t regularly updating the form of our ministry, then then functions of our ministry aren’t being accomplished as well as they could be. The early apostles clearly contextualized their ministries (and their letters), and so have the missionaries that have impacted tribes all over the world. Why would we ever be satisfied with simply doing the style of ministry that comes most naturally to us, that matchesus more than it matches our audiences?

A few quick questions, then:

  1. Have I thought about ways our campus ministry could be more Millennial? (And am I even familiar with all the things that means?)
  2. Have I updated our ministry based on the students who have joined us in the last year or two? What has God revealed we could / should be, through whom He has brought us?
  3. Have I adjusted this college ministry based on any recent changes in our “campus tribe”? Have we watched the campus closely? Are we responding to its needs and people?


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