the training trajectory

I was talking to the staff of a ministry yesterday, discussing the role of weekly teaching (much like we often do in college ministry). I was reminded once again of something I don’t hear a lot about but personally feel is really important within our field.

That something is a training trajectory. When I visit college ministries’ large group meetings, sometimes I get the feeling that the messages are rather disconnected from any sort of strategic plan for the ministry. Yes, they may be clumped together into series – “Relationships” or “The Book of Acts” or “How to Study the Bible.” But in those cases, the series don’t necessarily seem to be in any sort of order, or connected to the broader purposes of the campus ministry and its long-range (2-4 year) aims.

Of course, that’s not always the case (and how much can I really tell from my occasional visits, anyway?). But I’d bet my suspicions are more correct than not. I don’t often hear college ministers talk about what they’re accomplishing through their teaching, how those messages and themes and passages are purposely moving students in the directions the ministers have prayed and thought and sweated over as they’ve established a blueprint for each semester.

A training trajectory. Will you have one – an explicit, written-down, rehearsed-and-recited one – this Fall Semester?


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