My cousin works in a church-based college ministry, and the other day she was describing taking a few summertime students to one of the church’s classes on Sunday mornings. There are a couple of options each month.

Some churches offer lots of opportunities like that – opportunities to pick what a person wants to / needs to learn. But not every church college ministry is in a church with those kinds of options… and what about the other college ministries that aren’t housed in churches?

The point of all this is to wonder aloud if college ministries couldn’t find ways to introduce “electives” into their teaching options. For all the emphasis many of us put on speaking, teaching, and small groups, it seems like there’s room for offering some options. It certainly fits the Millennial students we’re reaching, and it might also be a recruiting point for your ministry, too.

Some college ministries already do, of course (especially in small groups). But does yours? Why or why not?


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