gut check #3: this cred counts, too

Last week I offered some very quick ideas for a college minister’s summer; this week I’m posting some brief ideas for evaluating our ministries.

Today’s assessment question isn’t unlike yesterday’s – just with a more narrow focus:

What do the other college ministries on your campus think of what you’re doing?

While much is made of “competition” among ministries on campuses, my travels haven’t left me with the impression that ministries are nearly as competitive as everyone makes them out to be. In fact, if I’m concerned about the health of a particular campus ministry, I know that other college ministers are the ones most likely to have a solid reading.

While, yes, jealousy and misunderstandings can play a role, sometimes college ministers have concerns about other ministry because… there are concerns to be had.

So today’s question remains, as do my encouragements from yesterday:

  • If we’re not asking this question, something is wrong.
  • If we can’t answer this question with at least some level of certainty, something is wrong.
  • If we don’t care about the answer to this question, something is wrong.


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