gut-check #2: cred counts

Another quick (and possibly painful) evaluation for your college ministry starts with this question:

What’s the reputation of your ministry campus-wide*?

*campus-wide = among all sorts of students, faculty, staff, and administration

When we forget that this is one of the more important questions we can ask, we need to read I Peter again. Or Daniel.

  • If we’re not asking this question, something is wrong.
  • If we can’t answer this question with at least some level of certainty, something is wrong.
  • If we don’t care about the answer to this question, something is wrong.

Will our reputation sometimes be offensive for good reasons? Sure, it might. But far more often, we’re simply offensive or annoying without the good reasons, or else we’re simply not known for anything at all. Where are the ministries that secular administrators brag about? Where are the collegiate ministries that are famous for their winsomeness?


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