gut-check #1: would you want to?

Last week, I posted 5 very brief ideas for taking some college ministry ground this summer. I hope you enjoyed ’em; they’re all under the Frideas category if you want to look back at them.

This week, I think I’ll aim to be equally brief – but headed in another direction. This time, evaluation: How well is your ministry doing… really?

Today, a simple question:

Since your students have access to major preachers’ amazing podcasts, access to community all over campus, iPods filled with the latest worship songs (played with excellence), and opportunities for fun every day of the week… can you still expect them to feel really confident inviting friends to your campus ministry? Would you naturally invite people if you were in their shoes?

Not should they want to invite. But can you really expect them to want to?

Some of you can say yes. But probably not all.


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