quick summer idea #5: dreamy fridays

This may be the hardest of the summer ideas I’ve posted this week, but it’s one that could impact next semester the most.

What if you took a day every week (or every couple of weeks) simply to take steps on future projects?

This could involve meeting with people to get moving on a “big idea,” but it might also just mean you start planning for your Fall teaching series now… rather than starting your planning the week before you give the talk. This idea might mean taking steps toward the new fundraiser you’ve been talking about, studying up on the city your group’s going to visit during Spring Break, or developing your leadership training for next year.

We all know that sometimes procrastination is a viable option. But sometimes getting a little progress under our belt – whether it’s for a talk we’ll give in October or a Great Big Idea we’ve never quite gotten started – can pay some pretty cool dividends.


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