they should love, too

I’ve talked occasionally here about the importance of us college ministers loving our campuses.

Absolutely falling in love with the mission field or fields God has provided.

If you haven’t, you’ve got some purposeful catching up to do.

But this loving-our-mission-field shouldn’t stop with us. It’s a key part of how we disciple our students, too. In some sense, they likely have a head-start on us in this area, because they began falling in love with this place before they chose to come here.

But in another sense, it’s going to be harder for our students to “love it like a missionary,” because they’re coming from inside, raised up as indigenous leaders within a campus that they’re only used to seeing through “campus citizen” eyes.

But that’s some discipleship you can start this summer (even as their hearts may miss their new campus-homes if they’ve gone away for the summer). Or maybe you can spend some time on it in the fall.

But until our students love their campus like a mission field, they won’t serve or impact that mission field like they could, and your ministry won’t be what it should be.


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