the classy outreach (a fridea)

I don’t know if your town has these, but Dallas has a variety of studios that host classes – my gal and I recently went to a 3-hour painting class, for instance. Dance classes seem to be another option (judging by things I’ve seen on Groupon), as are cooking classes and cheese-making, wine tasting and pottery classes.

Not all these might fit campus, of course, but it gives me an idea: What could? What are some “sessions” your college ministry could host, for a small fee or for free? It’s an outreach, a service, a community-builder, a connection to the university at large… all in one.

Just make sure if you’re going to do this, that you truly do it well – if you haven’t done research, fine people (on campus, in town, in your church) who have. While you may have some wisdom on a particular topic, teaching a session may require a little more research or schooling.

(For more thoughts on a connected idea and why this truly is service, I’d encourage you to check out the Charm School posts from a few months ago.)

  • Etiquette (this one’s often done in a dinner setting)
  • Time management
  • Painting (with a canvas provided for students)
  • Dancing (a particular style, like swing or ballroom)
  • Basics of the Christian Bible (sure, some could have a religious tinge!)
  • Travel
  • Cooking (wouldn’t this be awesome for ladies from your church to teach?)
  • Graphic design (this could be taught by some of your students)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Study skills
  • How to read a book well
  • What else you got?


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