when hospitality leads to direction

I’m in Ohio this week, meeting with some college ministers and church planters looking to impact a campus up here. So fun!

In the course of a chat yesterday, we discussed a principle that fits really well into this whole discussion of Hospitality of College Ministry… but also gives us a bit of a “bonus” reason for practicing hospitality, too.

The principle? As God draws individuals into your ministry, He might use their attributes to help set the course for your ministry. For example, an influx of fraternity students into your ministry this fall might indicate you should explore opportunities within their frat houses. If God brings a student with disabilities, that might be a chance not simply to meet individual needs, but also to pray about how that community might be better reached for Christ. If upperclassmen begin to choose your ministry, it’s worth praying through whether you should begin to recruit among the Juniors and Seniors.

This doesn’t mean that every type of student needs to be met with an entirely new emphasis or niche-based ministry. Instead, the point is that we get to know people enough that we can see ways God might be directing us through whom He brings our way. A party host surely tries to get to know her guests at some level; are we at least offering that same level of hospitality within our ministries? Would we even know if God was bringing 10 people from the same sports team?


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  1. David Zimmerman

    Thanks so much Benson for the free ebook! (just finished it today) Im a 28 yr old layperson who just recently moved to so. California to help plant a new church. I’m wanting to start and take our college ministry to the tribe of our local community college but haven’t felt the pioneering passion before like I presently have! However your book has assisted and compelled me greatly to pursue this endeavor. Thanks again!

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