hospitality in college ministry #9: geography matters

Earlier this week, I continued my earlier series on Hospitality in College Ministry – see all the posts so far here!

Are you geographically hospitable toward college students? In other words, do you try to accommodate their locations when you can?

This might show up in more ways than you think. Check out this list of possibilities, and feel free to add your own!

  • Where you hold your Large Group Meeting
  • Offering carpools / pick-ups for activities off-campus
  • Recognizing that many students don’t have cars – and responding in hospitality
  • Meeting students on-campus for meetings / discipleship / etc.
  • If you don’t have a building – or are a church-based college minister stationed a ways from campus – considering finding a way to have some permanent space near / on campus.
  • Purposely hanging out (having a “ministry of presence”) in public places on campus
  • Holding leadership meetings near your students
  • Offering small groups in apartment complexes where you have students

Hospitality often means simply thinking through the unique situations of those we want to serve. Have you considered where most of your students live? Where they congregate? How you could make things easier for them? Other ways to be “geographically hospitable”?


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