steps to inclusion

As I picked up the Hospitality series again yesterday, I urged us to consider if there are some mature Christian students we might be overlooking in our ministries.

Before moving on, I wanted to post some quick ways to make sure we’re addressing the needs of those who have been walking with Jesus for awhile.

  1. Use them as leaders (of course), but also attend to their own needs for growth.
  2. Ask them for input, not just management of your ideas (or longstanding traditions).
  3. Offer “201”-type studies, specifically geared for those who have a steady, growing walk with Christ and are ready to be challenged in that way.
  4. Find mentors / disciplers for them – even from outside of the college ministry.
  5. Get them to disciple other students one-on-one.
  6. Open them up to “self-mentorship,” by exposing them to classic books, special topics, etc.
  7. Provide chances to learn from fellow mature students, including mature students of the opposite sex.
  8. Treat them as individuals, seeking to discern (and help them discern) where they need to grow next and how they can be used best. Be creative, and allow for messiness and new opportunities. The further we walk with Christ, interestingly enough, the more and more “individual” we seem to become.


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