10 final reads for campus ministry evaluation

It’s been fun combing the archives for some great posts for evaluating your college ministry! I hope you’ll take some time to do just that, before you move to planning for next semester.

For more, check out the “Assessment & Strength” category, and find the earlier batches of “best 10” here and here and here.)

Without further ado, here are the final 10 quick reads for evaluating your collegiate ministry:

  1. On (Not Only In): a quick encouragement to do this evaluation / assessment stuff
  2. Obama’s Surprise and the Decisions We Shouldn’t Make: why our setup should be more like the President’s
  3. The Anticipation Evaluation: do students get excited about your ministry events?
  4. Dancing around Your Grill: the first in a 4-part series of “ingredients” that are too rare within college ministries (See the whole series here)
  5. Our Best Foot Forward: are we dealing with our campus as well as Daniel would?
  6. Where We Put Our Chips: my humble suggestion for where you place your priority
  7. The Very Words, the Very Strength: are students words and service really God-wrought?
  8. Do You Hate Your Mission Field?: just what the title asks (an evaluation for us college ministers)
  9. Serving Well, After Weather Storms and Other Storms: making sure however our students serve… really serves
  10. When It’s Just One, It’s Just One: are you trying to do too much with that talk or that event?

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