the willingness to insource (or outsource)

I think college ministers should rely much more than they do on outside expertise.

There, I said it.

Yesterday I sat down with some staff members of a local church. They’re considering taking one of the programs they do particularly well, and offering it in a different form to college students.

In the course of our discussion, I noted that need: for college ministries to regularly make use of experts from outside their ministry (and outside collegiate ministry altogether). We college ministers don’t have to be one-man-shows – but so many of us act as though we should be experts on dating relationships, on apologetics, on any biblical passage we share with our students, on handling time and money well, and so on.

But God has positioned other people to be far better than you at each of these. Right?

Sure, God may indeed want to use many of us as the primary teachers in our college ministries (though that’s far from being a “given”). But we should still be willing to bring in expertise – through other teachers, videos, studies, or other means – or point our students to other opportunities – retreats, other ministries’ teaching venues, seminars, conferences, etc..


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