shepherding vs. telling, as they leave

For some of you, your semester of college ministry work is over – Finals may be left, but you may actually not see some of this year’s Seniors ever again. It feels weird, right?

But here’s an Exit Question of sorts: Are those graduates prepared for the practical of what they’ll face over the next six months?

  • Will they handle church-finding well?
  • What will they do if getting a job (or keeping a job) is harder than expected?
  • How are they going to adjust to the many differences of “Young Adult World”?
  • Are they even aware of how different it could be?
  • If they’re in a new city, how will they find friends?
  • What will their relationship be with their family now?
  • Are they ready to date well in this (very) new environment?

…and so on.

I’m not divorcing the practical from the spiritual here – how they’ll face the many new experiences of the next year will definitely depend on their walk with Jesus. But if we’ve really been shepherds – and not just guides – then we’ll have tried to provide practical feeding to prepare them for new pastures.


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