another 10 reads for assessing your college ministry

A couple of times in the past few weeks, I’ve offered up 10 posts on College Ministry evaluation (all from over a year ago).

My hope is that you’ll spend MAJOR time evaluating your own campus ministry over the next couple of months, whether you use my tips or not!

Of course, all these posts and others can be found in the “Assessment & Strength” category. But I wanted to present another batch today, with teasers to help you decide which ones to check out. (See the first batch here and the second collection here.)

Here are this week’s 10 quick reads:

  1. Taking the Instruments Out: have you brainstormed things to remove from your college ministry?
  2. The Long View: are you only thinking about one semester or one school year?
  3. The Man Your Ministry Could Smell Like: remember the Old Spice Man commercials? Did you realize they teach us about our audience? This is the first post in that series, or see the whole series (with videos) here.
  4. Seven Keys for Revolutionary College Ministry, from an Old Minister: it’s someone you wouldn’t expect
  5. Legalism, Pillars, and Teaching Enough: do our students know why or just what?
  6. Aiming for Clean or for Crops: are we allowing enough messiness?
  7. Tozer and “Fair [College Ministry] Gifts”: there’s a difference between teaching and impacting…
  8. Personality-Driven?: is our ministry is too much like us?
  9. The Midweek Measure: what do our ministries look like when they’re not “doing”?
  10. The Good Time Evaluation: the eclectic evaluation of enjoyment


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