preparing for what they’ve never known

It’s likely you’ve talked to your students about dating well.

It’s likely you’ve encouraged them to sacrifice so they can give to important causes right now.

You might have taught them to be students “as unto the Lord.”

But though they’re better boyfriends and girlfriends because of your ministry, will they be better husbands and wives? Will they be generous with their resources – even sacrificially – ten years from now, when the money is far more plentiful (and far more necessary)? Will they be employees “as unto the Lord,” too?

We certainly should be impacting students with instructions for glorifying God in all aspects of their present lives. But if we’re not diving down more deeply into principles… and if we’re not preparing students for decisions and roles they will have in the future… then we’re not discipling them for a lifetime.

Even if our students will have good churches and good ministers and other good ministries when some of those roles and decisions are suddenly present, we still have some impact to make here.

Are you making good wives, good rich people, and good employees? What else do you need to be discipling for – that isn’t even on your students’ radar right now?


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