on summer, and reaching the far-away (frideas)

Yesterday, I wrote about continuing to impact students who are away from us for the summer. While it would be nice to be able to have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach, that doesn’t seem to accord with what our students actually need (and the lack of summer discipleship opportunities generally available to them). Check out that post here if you missed it.

Today, some practical ideas for reaching these far-flung sheep! Some ideas are “bigger” than others… and hopefully they’ll springboard you to other clever ways to disciple these students over the next four months.

  • An ongoing devo, either prepared and printed or delivered via email / blog
  • Regular personal contact with students who are away (schedule it for yourself if you have to!)
  • Establishing a student ministry team devoted to keeping up with / ministering to away students
  • Taking road trips to any cities / areas that are “hubs” for your away students
  • Organizing / helping organize get-togethers for your students in those hub cities – whether the students living there already know each other well or not
  • Having students write themselves impactful letters – that you mail to them a month into the summer
  • Organizing “summer communities” of students who will connect with each other on a regular, scheduled basis – even on the phone or online (these could be informal or formal – Bible studies, etc.)
  • Send them a “reverse care package,” full of things they could use at home – or things they love about college!

What else could you do? What else have you done?


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