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Whether you are based in a church, directly supported to work on campus, or otherwise in this field called Collegiate Ministry, it’s likely that at least some of your students won’t be around this summer. Some of us will be spending the summer with students on a Summer Project of some sort; others will have a new batch of in-town students, home from their far-away colleges.

But still, many of the students attending our ministries right now won’t be living nearby, won’t be on a Project, and won’t be in any sort of “official” ministry activity at all – like Camp or a missions experience. Instead, they’ll likely be at home, far away from you and your ministry – and likely not being discipled in any sort of college ministry environment at all.

So what have you begun to do to prepare for their discipleship over the summer?

It’s important that we see ourselves as the primary shepherd of the people who are under our care for eight or nine months out of the year… even during the “off months.” Sure, they might have a college minister back at their home church (though that’s pretty rare). But even so, we are more likely to have an ongoing relationship with that student, to know the impact they’ve been exposed to recently, and to know how we hope to continue impacting them in the Fall Semester.

So why wouldn’t we make some effort to help them grow over the summer? How would you honestly answer this question?:

Will the students who attend your college ministry this week receive enough discipleship over the summer? Whose responsibility should that be?


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