10 more quick reads on campus ministry evaluation

Last week, I looked back at 10 posts that could be especially helpful for year-end college ministry evaluation – especially with an eye toward going forward even stronger. These were all scattered throughout the “Assessment & Strength” category, so I rounded them up and put them in that post.

But there were way more than 10 that might prove beneficial, so I wanted to post another batch today! Hopefully you’ll find at least a few that make for good fodder in conversations with your student leaders, fellow staff, yourself, and Jesus!

  1. Fresh Eyes: Suggestions for who might be able to help you evaluate your ministry right now!
  2. Resolving & Completing: A good (very small) book that could make your ministry far more effective
  3. Broad-Invite Worthy: Is your campus ministry qualified to recruit students?!
  4. Thinking through Your College Ministry’s Nexts: Five ways to decide if a new idea is worth prioritizing!
  5. Paying Attention to Critics in College Ministry: Like Domino’s, are we open to what our constituents – and critics – have to say about us?
  6. Moving Right Along: Assessing our ministries in light of students’ movement through them
  7. Why I Ponder Millennialness: Have you personally gotten to know your mission field well enough?
  8. Are Stories Being Written in My College Ministry?: A particularly interesting evaluation question…
  9. Producing Great Couples?: And another very interesting assessment!
  10. College Ministry Poles Intro: The intro to one of my favorite series ever. Or skip the intro and see all the posts here.


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