more (adulty) hands on deck

As you’re thinking about ministry this summer or next fall, have you considered making use of (more) adult volunteers?

I know this isn’t real common in campus-based college ministry. And even the other branches – church-based, Christian colleges, and collegiate churches – don’t always pull in many volunteers.

But there are people in your town, your own small group at church, or in that other church who would have a profound impact on your students. And there are adults who would be really impacted by being around college students, too. Students need to be around adults who aren’t paid to do college ministry, and we need more Christians to be exposed to the work of college ministry.

And you could probably benefit from the extra help (that is occasionally more reliable than student leaders and offers something they can’t).

Yes, I know there’s some trickiness here, some messiness. Not nearly every adult is qualified, and many others aren’t… a fit.

But just think about it. Pray about it. Consider getting out of your comfort zone on this one.


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