this-is-missions monday: the heroes among us

On Mondays for a little while, I’m looking back at (and expanding on) some points from my book, Reaching the Campus Tribes. So far, I’ve looked at our need to use greater means to reach the campuses and the truly contextual nature of college ministry (even if some college ministers don’t really like hearing it).

Today, a section from the final chapter – a substantial epilogue, really – entitled, “Into the Harvest: A Road Map Forward from a Road Trip’s Findings.” I start that chapter by expressing that we need heroes – including potentially an organization that will display the wisdom and breadth to help jump-start Collegiate Ministry advancement. But then I turn the corner to look at individual ministers:

Of course, many of college ministry’s heroes will be men and women called to impact students directly as college ministers. We need to pray for God to send more people into the harvest field of the campus tribes, whichever branch of college ministry they serve in.

And hopefully a number of these ministers will become college ministry “lifers,” those women and men who serve for decades in this noble cause. As I saw numerous times throughout my trip, veterans have a wisdom for other college ministers (and for their students) that simply can’t be matched. Having an increasing number of seasoned collegiate missionaries will be enormously powerful in helping our field develop.

College ministers also must do their part in helping draw others to this task, by sharing their stories with the greater Church. From early years, even children and teenagers should hear the stories of faithful efforts among the campus tribes. Articles and books should be written about these missionary efforts, and local congregations and even larger audiences should be privy to the captivating testimonies. God may use those stories to call other people to join this noble missions effort – whether they are called to pray, to give, or to go.

It’s the second and third paragraphs that I wanted to focus in on. Have you considered what role you’re meant to play inthe field of college ministry as a whole? Is it possible God wants you to help impact beyond your own ministry, to help college ministry thrive  in other places?

Just as not every foreign missionary is called to spend some time appealing for the cause of foreign missions, not every college minister will take part in this task. But some should. Let me reiterate all the possibilities I mentioned, only this time a little more personally:

  • You can serve in our field for years and years, and share your seasoned wisdom with younger ministers
  • You could help recruit more college ministers
  • You could help draw others to impact students and invest in college ministry – like churches, organizations, and other Christian people and groups
  • You can tell stories of your work (and others’ work) among the “campus tribes”
  • You could submit an article or even write a book about the glories of college ministry or what you’ve learned
  • Through any of these methods (or others), you could help raise funds for college ministry work
  • Through any of these methods (or others), you could help increase prayer for college ministry work

Is it possible your college ministry passion and knowledge are meant to be shared?


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