adorn the departing (a fridea)

This is a Fridea that I know some of you already do. But others don’t, and it’s cool enough that I wanted to make sure you’ve thought about it.

The Fridea? Honor and bless the students who are graduating from your ministry.

How can you honor and bless students?

  • Have them share testimonies of their time and learnings in college
  • Have them give a public “charge” to the remaining students – in-person or on video
  • Give them public praise (by other students or by staff members)
  • Provide contact info so students can write encouragements
  • Have students provide a collection of notes and memories, either “hard copies” or through video or other means
  • Offer a gift that will be meaningful (even for a lifetime): a quality study Bible, for instance, or an option of a few graduation gifts

What else can you do? Are you doing anything?


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