gut-check: guests in april!

Here’s one way to gauge our collegiate ministry’s hospitality:

What happens to a new visitor who shows up to your large group meeting this week?

  • Can they get into a small group? (Will they even hear about small groups?)
  • Will they be greeted and name-tagged as excitedly as they would have been in January? In August?
  • Can they find out about leadership opportunities… that they can participate in sooner, rather than later?
  • Will someone follow up with them this week?
  • Can you tell them about opportunities to connect or stay connected this summer? Do your ministry’s present students know these details, so they can share them with visitors (and friends)?
  • Will the general “tone of welcome” make these students feel like you’re excited they’re here?

Lots of college ministries have first-time visitors in April. They may not have as many as in August, but they still have them. This is a chance for a gut-check: Are we only being hospitable when it’s most “efficient”? Or are we being hospitable because we care about hospitality?


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  1. Great article. In the last 3 weeks, we had more guests than all of February. It’s been tough getting greeters to be as engaged. Basically, we have been asking them about the summer and still inviting them to our last few events of the semester. – Brooks

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