you should dislike some stuff, too

One more note – but it’s a biggie – following yesterday’s post.

If just about everything your college ministry does is “your style” or even your idea, then something’s wrong.

I’m not saying everything shouldn’t be your decision – if you’re the college minister, then the buck stops with you. But if you’re trying to reach people who are different from you (and they’re college students, so in some ways, they all are!), then you should be deciding to do things that don’t… exactly… fit… you.

College ministers have to be able to recognize good ideas that aren’t really their own preferences. But it’s far too easy to let your own personality overshadow your ministry to the point that much of your “wisdom” is really just personality-based and nothing more.

If your personality is running your campus ministry, then your personality might be RUINing your campus ministry. What are you doing that you don’t enjoy?


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