going deeper on dating

Chances are, some of your students are in – or will soon be in – that “seriously dating” stage of their romantic relationships. Even with the movement of the average marriage age, plenty of collegians are still there well before they hit graduation.

While I know that the Dating & Relationships topic is often one of the most-used arrows within a college ministry’s quiver, those messages (at least in Large Group Meetings) are usually presented to help a diverse audience, including

  • those who have dated very little (or none)
  • those not presently dating,
  • those presently dating,
  • and/or those seriously dating or engaged.

But it’s that last group I’ve been wondering about this week: Are you facilitating their deeper training?

Are you providing (or pointing them to) training on conflict and communication, household finances, purity and (eventually) sexual intimacy, handling each others’ families, and so on? Are they hearing marriage theology and not only dating theology?

If this sounds like the classic “Pre-marital Class,” then you’re right – except that it’s vital that we recognize that much of this discussion happens best before engagement. (And some would argue that such topics should be shared with singles and the newly dating, too!)

So how are students in your ministry finding training beyond the three-week series you offered last semester?


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