catching up post-spring break!

Many of you were on Spring Break during the last two weeks, and several of the recent posts have been a little lengthy, too. So I figured it might be helpful to have a “catch-up day”! (It’s also a good chance, as the Final Four approaches, to re-read the posts about seeing our mission field being reflected in the NCAA Tourney!)


  • Sixty-eight: A Vision Trip: A post that reminds you of the awesome field we serve – and that could be awesome to pass on to supporters, bosses, or others who need to be reminded, too.
  • Two posts present the idea of establishing a “College Ministry Month” inside your organization or with your supporters. The first post urges you to adopt the idea; the second suggests what the perfect month might be.
  • Then, a mini-series of three posts examined letting the “stream” of the campus help inform your campus ministry programming. The first gave concrete examples of doing this, the second addressed four issues (including ways we keep ourselves from effectiveness), and the final post wrapped things up with something we should do more of and another we should do less of.
  • Next up, a cool post offering 5 areas you might want to (re)think about!
  • Last week’s Fridea pointed to the importance of debriefing students… and suggested that we can use it for much more than just mission trips!
  • Finally, in case you missed it, yesterday I threw out some tips for bloggers (especially college ministry bloggers).

Have fun!

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