swimming in the stream (a fridea on monday)

Since I didn’t get to post this last week, a BONUS Fridea to start off this one!

I write every so often about “campus integration,” but often that means dovetailing with certain goals of the administration or with more “official” campus programs (like New Student Orientation or Finals week).

But we should also be looking to the unofficial activities too, the various happenings in the life of our campus tribe. If we’re paying attention, if we “know the times,” we can recognize valuable teaching moments, opportunities for relational connection, or other chances to tie our ministries and message to campus life.

These activities could be regular traditions or recent undertakings; either way, they’re phenomenal opportunities to connect with students. Some examples:

  • A recent justice cause has grabbed students’ attention throughout campus. You quickly assemble a panel discussion or change your speaking topics for a couple of weeks to discuss the issue and mobilize impact.
  • St. Patrick’s Day has achieved “big event” status on your campus; you pass out green eyeglasses on campus or host a party.
  • A significant number of your school’s athletes always gather to watch the NCAA Tourney games; you help set up a watching party at your church or in the student center.
  • A recent campus tragedy has rightly evoked emotion on campus; you respond in wisdom and care by providing adults for students to talk to, sharing God’s viewpoint on the issues, or hosting a memorial service at your usual location.
  • The new casual sport has broken out rather “virally” on campus; your ministry uses it to advertise, hosts a tournament, or fields an intramural team to compete and build relationships.

The possibilities here are endless. The question is, do you have your ear to the ground? Are you reading the school newspaper and hanging out on campus enough to know what’s happening? Certainly, we want to share “the life that is truly life” – but do we love our campuses enough to care about (and know about) their livelihood?

[How do we make sure we can respond to the “stream”? Read the follow-up post!]


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